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So you head out to the shelter or the local stray decides that your house is his forever home - now what? There's a lot to consider when acquiring a feline: purchase price, living cost and vet bills, introduction to your house and current residents (human and furry), and most important of all, how your new addition will fit into your lifestyle.

Many people believe the myth that cats are loners and do not want to be bothered. This is true to a point - cats are independent creatures and enjoy calling the shots. However, as all cat owners will tell you, cats want and need your attention, they just want it on their terms. Cats are needy creatures and will get upset if left alone for long periods of time. We definitely don't recommend getting a single cat - while this works for some, most cats prefer to have a buddy to hang out with. This is extremely nice for them when the family is away at work/school, they have someone to play with and cuddle with.


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