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Not all cats need to wear collars and licenses daily if they are indoor cats (which we encourage). However, some people prefer to have collars on all their cats and as long as they don't mind, it works out just fine. At our house we have bells on everyone's collar so we can hear them, especially in the dark. Microchipping is a wonderful way to ID your kitty in case she ever gets out of the house by accident - where collars may fall off or get torn off if she gets stuck on something, a microchip is planted until the skin and can be read by all vets and shelters.

Traveling is also a big concern with cats, whether it be a small trip to the vet or a large trip across the country. Some people prefer to keep their cats in carriers, others use harnesses and leashes when traveling. All of these options depend on the cat and the human, different things work for different personalities.


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