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When it comes to litter boxes, there are many varieties of boxes as well as litter. What do you choose? Most times, your cat will make the final decision.

This section will outline the different options cat owners have when deciding on a box and litter brand. Please note that when changing litter brands, this must be done slowly so your cat has time to get used to the new brand. If you just switch everything one day, your cat may get confused or upset and potty outside the box.

If your cat stops using the box, there's a chance that it's because of a medical reason rather than behavioral. Your cat should visit the vet to rule out any type of medical reason for not using the box; if it turns out the reason is behavioral, your vet can help you come up with ways to solve the problem. And please, never physically punish your cat when it doesn't use the box, that will only add to the problem - instead, praise her when she does use the box so she knows she's doing the right thing.
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