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There are many costs to owning a cat and many depend on what brand of litter and food you use. However, we provide a basic breakdown of the costs you need to consider when owning a cat.

Cost of Adoption

The cost of adoption will vary based on where you adopt your cat from. A shelter will charge anywhere from $50-$100 (sometimes less than $50 for older cats, and kittens are normally more expensive than an adult cat) for your adoption, and most times your cat will come with some or all of their shots taken care of. Even if this is the case, you should always see a vet as soon as possible for a check-up to double-check the health of your feline and to get any vaccines or virus tests the shelter did not provide.

If you adopt your cat from a breeder, prices vary based on their own regulations.

Start-up Costs

Before bringing your feline home there are many things you will need to purchase so that they can adjust to their new home. The start-up costs are generally one of the biggest expenses you'll have, everything after that is just refilling or replacing what you've bought. Essentials for your new cat are: food (dry and wet), food and water bowls, a pet carrier (for transportation to the vet and other places), a litter box, a litter scoop, litter, toys, a bed, and a scratching post. All of these are essential for your cat - anything you purchase on top of this is up to you. The cost of all of this will be around $100+, it depends on what you choose to buy.

Cost of Veterinary Services

Veterinary costs vary depending on what your vet charges. Your cat should at least be seen once a year for an annual check-up and vaccinations. If you adopted a kitten, they will need to be seen every few months for the first year for vaccines and boosters. What vaccines your cat needs yearly you can discuss with your vet as not all vets do things the same way. Vet costs vary as well, but you can look to spend $50-$100 each visit. Any emergency visits may cost more (depending on if you make an appointment or need to rush your cat there in an emergency) and funds should always be set aside in case this happens.

Cost of Food
The cost of food again will depend on what you decide to feed your cat. Please remember that not all foods are the same. Generally you should stay away from grocery store brands because they are not very healthy for your cat. Read more in our food section for information on feeding.

Cost of Litter
The cost of litter again depends on what you decide to use (and what your cat decides is acceptable). Please read our section on litter for more information.


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