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Cats exhibit many common behaviors that are discussed below.  The behaviors described are generic and may vary from cat to cat.  As you get to know your feline you will learn to understand their body language, which can be extremely different depending on the cat you are dealing with.  If there are other behaviors you'd like defined or have meanings of your own that you would like to add, please contact us.


A cat's ears are able to turn 180º and they often will turn them in the direction of sound to hear better, even when that sound is behind them. Both ears can move independently of each other, with 30 muscles controlling each ear.  When a cat's ears are upright they are happy and relaxed, while ears flipped back or to the side and pressed down against the head signal that a cat is scared, cautious, or angry.  A cat's ears pointed forward show concentration - like when they are playing with a toy (see illustration below).  A cat's sense of hearing helps it determine the location and size of its prey or of an aggressor.


The pupils in cat's eyes get larger and smaller depending on the light available.  When a cat is in sunlight a cat's eyes will be a very narrow slit, and when a cat is in the dark its pupil will often be almost as large as the iris, the colored part of the eye (see illustration below). The layer of reflective cells that allows a cat's eyes to better utilize light is called the tapetum lucidum. Dilating of the pupils also occurs during intense play when the cat is stalking an object - this allows him to be able to take in all of his surroundings better.

tink-stalk You can see in this picture how large the cat's pupils are. She is stalking a toy, which is the cause of the dilated pupils. You can also see how her ears are alert and facing forward so that she can hear as well as see movement.
slit-eyes In this picture the cat was outside and you can see how small her pupils are. This allows her to be able to see clearly in the bright light without squinting.
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