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October Photo Contest Announced
Our winners have been announced for our December Christmas Cats photo contest - we had some wonderful entries, they were all winners! View all of the entries here and you can view the winning entries here. Thanks to all that participated!

October Photo Contest Announced!

SmartyKat Product Review
SmartyKat™ products are high quality, low priced toys that your cats are sure to love. The SmartyKat™ FlutterBalls® are two toys in one: your cat can play with the fleece ball with the feathers, which mimics the movement of a bird when thrown around, or you can detach the feathers (held on by velcro) and your cat has a ball to chase around. [Read full article]

Cat Vocal Communication
Cats communicate with their owners in many different ways, the most unique being vocal communication. Every cat has his own library of meows, chirps, hisses, and growls, and it's up to their owner to understand what they're trying to say. [Read full article]

Understanding the Feline Herpes Virus
One of the most common causes of upper respiratory disease (URI) and eye problems in cats is the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1). It is similar to the human herpes virus because it may remain present in the cat's nervous system for life, and it occasionally may flare up during periods of stress. The virus is hard to isolate and test results may be unreliable so most veterinarians diagnose based on typical history and symptoms of the disease. [Read full article]

Litter Box Woes
There are many things that can cause a cat to stop using his litter box. The very first thing you should look at is a medical cause. The cat may be physically acting differently but that's not always the case. By nature cats are prone to hide any weakness or illness they have so that they are not seen as vulnerable to predators, so even if you don't see any other signs of an issue, chances are you can't rule that there is not a problem. [Read full article]
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